GuiSam Notebook


Keyboard map

Key bindings

shift-F1             - Display the help page
# Window Split
F2                   - Create a new window
shift-F2             - Split the screen horizontally
ctrl-F2              - Split the screen vertically

# Session
ctrl-shift-F2        - Create a new session
alt-<up-down>        - Toggle session

# Window
F3                   - Move to previous window
F4                   - Move to next window
alt-<left-right>     - Toggle window

# Split
shift-F3             - Shift the focus to the previous split region
shift-F4             - Shift the focus to the next split region
shift-<u-d-l-r>      - Toggle split region
ctrl-shift-<u-d-l-r> - Rezise split

# Scrollback
F7                   - Enter copy/scrollback mode
alt-pgup             - Enter scrollback mode
alt-pgdn             - Enter scrollback mode
space                - Begin copy in scrollback mode
enter                - End copy in scrollback mode

# Misc
F5                   - Reload profile
shift-F5             - Join all splits
ctrl-F5              - Reconnect GPG and SSH sockets
ctrl-shift-F5        - Change status bar color

F6                   - Detach from this session
ctrl-F6              - Remove this split
shift-F6             - Detach, but do not logout

F8                   - Re-title a window

F9                   - Configuration Menu

alt-F11              - Expand split to window
shift-F11            - Zoom split

F12                  - Lock this terminal


alt-insert to paste scrollback mode’s copy

Mondrian style


Ctrl-Shift-F12 Mondrian squares